Thursday, August 20, 2009

mommy moments

I don’t have a picture of my son taken while he’s walking in the rain because, well, that’s hard to do, right? I took a picture of him instead with his raincoat on. He dons this raincoat whenever he goes to school on a rainy day.

One time when I had a planned trip to the mall and it’s raining, my son insisted and begged that I take him with me. Because it’s raining and it’s difficult to carry an umbrella and care for a hyperactive boy at the same time, I just made him wear his red jacket with hood so he won’t get wet.

This picture was taken immediately after we braved the rain to go to the mall. (Note: The jacket’s hood was not captured in photo because we’re already inside the mall.) He actually wanted to have a taste of his favorite Milo soft-serve; that’s what he’s eating on this cold rainy day.

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10 pensive thought/s:

Toby also wants to come with me no matter if its raining or not!... :)

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It was worth the effort, braved the rain, he looked satisfied tasting his Milo. Have a good weekend mommy :)


wow! super cute sa raincoat. i have to go and get one for maegan. ang cute pala ng raincoat sa kid.


your son is a cutie kahit na sa ulan :-); thanks for sharing these pictures.

pass ako this week, kasi walng pix ang aking Jake eh!


That Milo soft serve must have worth going through the rain ; )


Awwwww naka raincoat pa talaga si Justin. Cute na cute with his raincoat. Malaki na talaga si justin, time really fly so fast, ngayon nag school na si justin, sus mommy tetcha dapat na tong sundan kasi may taga pag alaga na ng next baby mo hehehe kidding!


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