Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I opened up an EON cyber account at Union Bank Salcedo, Makati branch last December because I meant to get writing opps for my blog, and that’s where I intended to transfer my money (earnings from writing reviews) that will be credited to my PayPal account. I started reviewing products/sites last week of May only and payment for those reviews started coming in the month after.

I first transferred money from PayPal to EON last June, but the transaction was reversed because of invalid bank account information. I called Union Bank’s customer service and found out that that my name in their record started with “Ma.” instead of “Maria.” Also, my address is missing the word “Regency.” Those pieces of information do not match what I have in my PayPal account, hence, the transaction reversal.

I went to Union Bank Salcedo last July 1 to complain about these discrepancies. George, the officer handling EON accounts in that branch, failed to show me the original form that I filled up when I first applied for my EON account, but he made me sign a new form to update my personal information in their record. After more than five weeks, the problem still remains unresolved. Just today, I called Union Bank’s customer service again to check if my name and address have been corrected, but they’re not.

I also called the bank’s branch manager, Frances, today (I have already called her a few times in the past), and according to her, the “Ma.” in my name has already been changed to “Maria.” I asked her how come it still remains unchanged in the record of their customer service department. When I told her about the error in my address, she said she hasn’t fixed it yet because she thought that I was only complaining about the error in my name. I reminded her that those two were the problems that I originally complained about.

Now, she will have to email their Cebu branch again for updating of my EON bank account information, and God knows, how long this process will take. According to her, it's their Cebu branch that takes care of all these EON cyber accounts. I’m really getting FRUSTRATED. As a matter of fact, I did not work this morning just to write this post, to air my grievance, so to speak.

Is there anyone out there who can help me? What other options do I have to get my money from PayPal?

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Hi mommy tetcha! I'm sorry to hear this. Several banks aside from Union bank is already open for paypal transfer. As long as you have an account with them. Bank of the Philippine Islands, BDO (i think). You can also ask your local savings bank.

You can check here: http://www.pinoymoneytalk.com/bank-code-philippines-withdraw-paypal/


This is really frustrating mommy. But don't let them ruin your day :) Cheer up. Try Mommy Enchie's suggestion. Ako nga rin d ko pa alam paano ma eencash ung mga nacredit n payment sa paypal, d ko p pinagiisipan kse maliit pa lng naman nyahahhaa...

Thanks din for sharing this info at least me warning na about Union bank's service.

Cheer up for tomorrow is another day nyahahaha... napakinggan ko lng yan :D I hope it made you smile :D


there are many other banks where you can transfer your money.

i myself havent started to transfer the money i have in paypal to any local bank yet. i am thinking of getting an EON account as it has been recommended by most bloggers.. but I havent decided yet.. i have a few more weeks since I am waiting for my paypal money to be at least 7000 so there wont be any charges from paypal...


very frustrating tlga. i feel for u.

do u have savings account at BPI? i am using my BPI account in withdrawing my paypal money. they charge P150 per withdrawal.

am also looking for other banks who do not charge that much. :)


Do you have Niko? I have ben abusing NIko and her BPI account..LOL

anyways, Tetch, BDO has a new product and they say it works like a debit card too and with a visa logo, I am not sure yet if it works with paypal. I haven't tried opening an account because I don't have valid ids (waaaah)

Thanks for sharing this to us. I never thought that they were quite strict with the names.

Make or Break


wow, balik kaya may fee pa dyan sa Pinas pag nagtransfer ng money from paypal, dito kasi wala akong fee eh; anyway, cheer up dear, at sana ma fix na yang problema sa eon account mo. as what they said, meron pang ibang banks bukod sa kanila na pwede mong gamitin. ingat!


Wow, this is rather frustrating! Thanks for sharing your story, Techa. I also applied for an EON Card and have yet to claim it. I applied for one, because many said that it's more convenient to withdraw cash from Paypal using EON, unlike other debit cards that have hidden charges. Hmm... I hope this gets resolved soon. :)


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