Monday, April 13, 2009

Perfect Blend of Friendship Award

Meeting wonderful people online is one of the benefits of blogging. Thanks so much, Jes, for this friendship award.

Now I’d like to give the same award to 7 amazing and friendly bloggers:
Shy, Lis, Dhemz, Cacai, Rose, Eden and Vhing.

The Blogger Awards

My deepest appreciation goes to Shy for giving me this blogger trophy. I am so honored.

I am now giving this award to all the passionate bloggers who regularly visit my site.

8 pensive thought/s:

WOW!!! your since a nice person ..I don't expect this..I love it.That blue heart I have already and I will add your name on my post pls check later.and.........

the TROPHY I'll grab it for my OTHERSIDE OF MY LIFE blog.

thanks! deeply appreciated.


Wow! Thanks a lot Te Tetcha.. I will include you on my post about this as a sender. Thanks a lot! muahhh!


Happy Easter Mommy! Congratulations on these awards!!!Have a lovely week!


Thanks for including me teTetz....will post it later....thanks for including me...much appreciated!


hi Te Tetcha, here's my post for this:

and this:

P.S. I hope you like it! muahhh


Hi Te Tetcha, here is the url of my post for Blogger Friendship Award you've given me. Thanks a lot huh. Here it is:

You may then check it if you're avalible. muahhh!


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