Friday, April 17, 2009

mommy moments

Mommies are a sentimental lot. We can’t help getting emotional, hysterical even, when it comes to our kids.

I can’t help but feel nostalgic seeing this picture of the first time I ever laid eyes and hands on my son after my C-section. Having this adorable angel beside me made me temporarily forget the pain after my surgery.

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8 pensive thought/s:

wow...that is really sentimental! happy mommy moments i have a tag for you =) visit my site =) thnks!


wow! what a nice and cute senti mommy moments Tetch. I really love it. a mother and son pic. :))

happy mommy moments.


hay naku mommy sinabi mo pa! ang pinagdaanan kong iyon ay talagang sobra! nweis salamat sa dalaw =)


truly sentimental! every mom has our own unique experiences in childbirth.
thanks for sharing!


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