Friday, April 24, 2009

mommy moments

Since my husband is almost always the family’s official photographer, it’s not surprising that I get to have more bonding moments pictures with my son. I make sure, however, that during important occasions in my son’s life that I take a picture of my two boys. I have already posted some of their pictures together in my previous articles, and what I’ve posted here are some of the older photos.

The very first time Ed held Justin in his arms

One-month-old Justin with Daddy

Four-month-old Justin at his baptismal party

Six-month-old Justin with Daddy at Grand Boulevard Hotel

Father and son at Manila Baywalk

Eight-month-old Justin and Daddy at the mall

Justin’s first birthday

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your husband didn't even cgange a bit, physically wise. thanks for sharing this sweet moment of them.


baligtad tayo, tetch!
ako naman ang photographer sa family! :)

very cute pics here ng daddy and Justin!


Me too! As much as possible I take pictures of them together. Especially camera shy husband ko, he also takes most of our pictures. And filing their photos like yours, is very rewarding just looking at it.


sinabi mo pa! he is a as excited as his boys LOL

bat ganun Daddy looks younger pa on the last photo.. :)

Make or Break


wow they look so cute together. father and son tandem :)

happy mommy moments :)


Ang sweet ni daddy at baby justin...I'm sure they will have lots of bonding moments when justin old enough to immitate daddy.


Oh cute tingnan sila daddy at anak. thanks for sharing. My entry is also late but hope you can visit.

Mine is here


cute pictures..there's a delay of my visit here because everytime I click ur site this msg will appear:
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FeedBurner could not deliver this feed to you because of the specific problem listed below:"

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by the way, please change my URL to juz bought a domain..thanks...


juz followed your blog so that I will not be late again..he..he..


Sweet pictures, love the eight-month-young one. Have a good weekend mommy :)


Hubby's camera shy but I am the official photographer of the family.It always warms my heart to see dads bond with their kids.


these are priceless tetch! and may dimples si daddy ha? meron din ba si justin? di pa kasi makita kasi baby pa...

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