Friday, February 20, 2009

mommy moments

This week’s theme is “Feeding Time.”

This picture was taken when Justin was 1 year and almost 2 months old. If I’m not mistaken, this was also the day he had his first haircut. Justin’s daddy decided to have his head shaved because he had such thin hair back then. I’m not really used to seeing him bald. I think he looks better with hair.

Justin loves dips and sauces (See my post “Justin's Food Quirks”). We dined at Pizza Hut sometime last year and Justin simply enjoyed dunking the edges of his pizza into his cheese dip. His face was all messy, but we thought he looked cute, so we took this shot. He was even given a party hat by one of the staff who remembered we held Justin’s baptism celebration at their store.

Justin also likes iced tea and juices. He can actually finish a tall glass all by himself.

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7 pensive thought/s:

I love seeing kids enjoying their food, don't mind the mess at all. You're right he still looks cute even with all those mess :)
Happy weekend.


its always fun to look back at our kids development... thanks for being part of mommy moments again!


Awww, he is a cutie! Thanks for visiting my blog - sure, I'd love to exchange links! :) I'm off to add your button to my blog roll right now! :)


My princess can also finish a tall glass of ice tea...whic is why I always try to keep her away from it. she always end up coughing afterwards.


your little boy's a cutie, even while eating. :)

thanks for dropping by!


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