Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I’m counting the days now until my son Justin shuns his feeding bottles for good. For several days now, he’s been drinking milk from his cup, not the entire day, though, but a few times each day. As a matter of fact, he ended up using only two bottles last Friday.

Woohoo! This calls for a celebration!

I’m also keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll get rid of his diapers next. To date, he has made several successful attempts at peeing in his potty, and he seems to be enjoying it. But he never really pooped on it, not just yet. He used the toilet once last November, but he’s never done it again.

I'm hoping it won't take him long to unlearn peeing and pooping in his nappy.

What about you? Is your child weaned from the bottle/potty-trained yet?

2 pensive thought/s:

my little boy didnt use the bottle... from breast we went directly to sippy cup... since then he has tried drinking his milk from the cup itself :)

but i havent had much luck with the diapers yet. ive introduced the toilet to him already. but we arent successful yet :) well, i think ill wait til he doesnt pee as much. there are times he pees every hour half.


You are lucky my daughter is 3 and she is still taking her milk from the bottle, I tried everything, like compromising , that if she lets of her her bottle I'll have a reward for her. I am successful with potty training though eversince she was 1 and half years old, but not during bedtime she most of the time have accidents in wetting the bed.

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