Saturday, February 21, 2009

Whenever Justin eats cookies or chips, we usually ask him to get his Winnie the Pooh feeding bowl where we put these finger foods. That has become a habit for quite some time now.

We went to the playground the other day and Justin got envious of a playmate who was having her midmorning snack while playing. I asked his yaya (nanny) to get him something to eat. His yaya then proceeded to unwrap Justin’s food and when he was asked to get some, he said, “Saan ang tasa?” (Where’s the bowl?) [Note: For some reasons, we taught him to call his bowl “tasa,” instead of “mangkok” (the Filipino term for “bowl”).]

Justin is so used to eating from his bowl that he asked for it even if he was outside our house. He thinks that's the normal thing to do.

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