Friday, February 25, 2011

mommy moments

Our four-year-old son (five this July) is a very sweet boy. He likes to hug and kiss, say “I love you,” and write love letters for both Mommy and Daddy. Here’s the most recent love note he’s written for his Dad:

His Dad is the one buying our son toys whenever we go to the mall. Justin charms his way into his Dad’s heart whenever he wants a new toy, like he’d tell his Dad he’s behaved today or he did well in school or he packed away his toys on his own. Ergo, my son is not only sweet; he’s also smart!

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15 pensive thought/s:

ha ha, that is indeed one smart kid! and kudos to your husband for being sweet ;-) my kids can make their dad buy stuff that I wont normally buy for them ;-)


Kids are really sweet! Your son reminds me of my Sam :D

Happy MM!


wow galing ng maglambing ng baby boy sweet of him..

Mine is up..
My MM Entry


you are so lucky to have a son like him.. he is such a treasure ^_^.. stay happy.


Uber sweet naman ni Justine.It shows na him and dad have a great relationship/:)


awww, that's sweet. not all boys are as sweet as justin. you're very lucky!


Justin is a sweet boy; wow amazing how he wrote the letter...for a four year old boy, his handwriting is great!


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