Sunday, February 13, 2011

Last January 22, 2011, we went to Dentista, Inc. at Shangri-la Plaza Mall for our dental prophylaxis. It was my turn first then hubby then Justin. Last year, we already found a male pediatric dentist who my son liked very much, and that’s Dr. G., so we made sure he’d be the one to attend to Justin again. As usual, Mommy was inside the clinic, too, to assure my son that everything’s going to be okay.

Nope, we didn’t bribe Justin with a PS3 to convince him to have his teeth checked this time. He is a braver boy now, and he feels comfortable with Dr. G., so the whole procedure was done in a jiffy. Unlike last year when Justin had to sit on my lap while his teeth were being examined and cleaned, he agreed to sit on the dental chair on his own with Mommy sitting on a separate stool nearby.

With the progress he’s showing, I think my son is ready to undergo dental restoration, so we’re going back to the clinic around March to have some of his baby teeth fixed.

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