Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August is Filipino month, a great time to teach the students about Filipino culture. During this month, the students in Justin’s school will be exposed to anything and everything Filipino. To make the experience real for these students, they are asked to wear Filipino-inspired costumes during Wednesdays and Fridays in August.

I was able to keep the Filipino costumes we bought for Justin last year, and luckily, they still fit. Here’s what he’s wearing when he went to school today. This Friday, he’ll just be wearing a different shirt to match his red katipunero pants.

With the red scarf

Without the scarf

Which one do you like better?

8 pensive thought/s:

I like the one wearing a scarf, it really looks like a traditional Filipino. He is so adorable too. How old is he?


Maligayang Linggo ng Wika Mang Andres aw este Justin pala hehehe


Pinoy na pinoy si lil boy.. naalala ko tuloy nung nag-aaral pa ko.. tuwing august ang linggo ng wika.


all of them... i think hes the same age with my daughter... on a different note, i just want to say i follow your blog for quite sometime already and im happy to connect with a fellow mommy who enjoys working at home online.

Im sure you have readers who also would want to learn how to work at home just like us. My mentor Jomar Hilario is doing another Manila Workshop this Sept. Check it out


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