Sunday, May 9, 2010

I’ve always been dubious of anything that has to do with losing weight quickly. That’s why even if I gained a few pounds in the past months, which I’m starting to lose, by the way, I’ve never tried any quick weight loss diets and supplements. The questions that come to mind when new slimming products emerge are: (1) Are these products made of high-quality ingredients? (2) Are there adverse effects associated with the use of these products? (3) Do these products actually deliver what they promise? (4) What do people who tried these products have to say about them? If I’m not satisfied with the answers to these questions based on my research, then these products are not worth buying.

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hi mommy tetcha...u should try USANA's weight loss product called officemate used it and in 5 days time, he lost 12lbs. it's an all-natural meal replacement so no need to worry about it having chemicals...if u want to know more about it mommy, just let me know thru my blog po.


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