Thursday, May 27, 2010

Something made me smile today. Jac of Mom’s Special Diary gave me this “Sweet Blog Award.” Isn’t it lovely? Thank you so much, Jac, for thinking of me!

Blog Awarding Rules:
1. Pass it to 10 Sweet people.
2. Inform them about this award.
3. Link back the one who gave this award.

Now, I’m sharing this award with the following sweet bloggers: Evan’s Mom, Shy, Willa, Beng, Kat, Rose, Des, Seiko, Grace, and Kayce.

I hope you like it, guys!

4 pensive thought/s:

thanks for the award.. Ill post itlater on my collection of awards


Thank you so much Ate Tetcha for that very sweet award. I really do appreciate it much. Take care and Stay Sweet!


Thanks for the sweet award mommy, and so sorry for the late respond, been dealing with lazy virus lately :)

By the way my blog's address has changed to, hope you can edit your link list as well. Have a good weekend!


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