Thursday, January 8, 2009

I finally experienced what it's like to have pouting lips. It’s not the seductive type, though, a.k.a. Angelina Jolie lips, but the swollen/inflamed/enlarged one. The fact is I was bitten by a bug, not the laziness bug (although I think I’m showing symptoms of this; blame it on the long Christmas vacation), but a real insect, a very pesky one, when I was most vulnerable, that is, when I was asleep.

I was working on one of my essays yesterday when dreamland beckoned. I could hardly keep my eyes open and I couldn’t think straight. So I gave in. Since I work in the bedroom, it wasn’t hard getting into bed. I plopped onto it facedown and decided to take a 15-minute nap.

When I opened my eyes, I was back to work and didn’t feel anything unusual. It was only when I was having dinner when my tongue instinctively touched my upper lip that I felt something new, something strange and something out of the ordinary. I went straight to the bathroom, looked at myself in the mirror and lo and behold! An instant makeover!

I couldn’t say I was pleased, though. The nettlesome bug who smacked my upper lip might have smelled something fishy, err…beefy, as I had just finished my simple lunch of rice and sautéed corned beef when I dozed off. Or could it be that it caught a wisp of the strawberry lip moisturizer I applied early on?

The moral of the story is: Wipe your mouth (lips) after eating or better yet, keep your mouth closed while napping.

3 pensive thought/s:

You know...those pouty lips sure make it hard to watch a movie. I find myself looking at the lips wondering "Why on earth would you ever do that?" rather than actually watching the movie. I see so many that look they have gone wrong. So, I won't be wasting my money. :) Enjoy your blog!


Hahaha...good you got stung on the lips and was able to emulate Angelina. Went I home to the Philippines a few years ago, I got bitten on my left eye so I was walking around with sunglasses even though it was dark and raining. The gossip in our barrio was, I was a stuck-up balikbayan trying to show-off my Rayban.


Hahaha.. Good post. But I can't close my mouth when I sleep, it just opens itself when I'm unconscious.. Funny.


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