Friday, January 30, 2009

mommy moments

I browsed through all the earliest photos of my son and noticed he wasn’t really smiling during his first few days/weeks with us. I was actually wondering if smiling is a skill that babies learn to master after a while. I was also not discounting the fact that perhaps, we just weren’t able to capture this precious moment on film.

Oh well, I managed to find one somehow, and this is a photo taken of my son when he was 29 days old. It was his dad who took this picture. I actually used this photo already in one of my previous posts, “Justin and Mommy’s Baby Pictures,” but I’m using this again for this week’s meme.

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2 pensive thought/s:

Cute smiling baby :)
I couldn't find my boy's first smile pictures either, but I'm sure he's been smiling since his first day.


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