Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Last Sunday afternoon, we decided to go to Ayala Triangle Park, instead of a mall, to see what this newly renovated land park has to offer.

Our four-year-old son was raring to run, play and explore the park, but it started raining, and we had no other option but to get inside one of the dining places there to take shelter and of course, to try their house specialty. Because hubby heard a great deal about Bon Chon Chicken, we decided to try that first. I’ll have a separate post on that in the coming days.

It was still raining after we’ve eaten, so we had to abruptly end our very short stay at Ayala Triangle Park to go to Glorietta Mall instead. The little boy’s spirit was dampened, and so we had to find a way to bring the smile back to his now grouchy face.

To our surprise, the children’s playground at the Glorietta Activity Center was not there anymore. It’s a good thing that there’s a fun activity for kids that day—the big animal ride. A three-minute ride on these animals cost Php20.00; at Robinsons Galleria, the price is only Php10.00 per ride. I wonder if location has something to do with the price variance.

Is my little boy happy now? What do you think?

5 pensive thought/s:

it's good they decided to renovate a park.
why did they remove the play area?
I remember this ride, my kids love them...


oo, wala na un activity center, siguro if I remember it right, mga 2-3 months na. nirrenovate kasi un Glorietta e.

Pag me time, daan kami Ayala Triangle. Ganda na nga daw dun :)

As for your Q: oo, mukhang happy nga un son mo! :)


i hope we can visit the ayala triangle park soon,...

by the way, about magic school bus - i downloaded it. its really nice and educational :)

i saw some magic school bus books from book sale too


i'm sure the kids would love to run around that big park. hope we can visit Ayala triangle sometime :D

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