Thursday, December 3, 2009

mommy moments

I think Justin is a born performer. He loves to sing and dance, and he isn’t shy showcasing his talents. Over the weeks, he’s grown fond of watching Hi-5 on TV and DVD. His current DVD favorite is “Animal Adventures.” I can’t blame him because I also find myself singing and dancing along to the lovely tunes and cute steps of this adorable group of wholesome and good-looking teenagers. I was able to take a few pictures of him imitating the group’s choreography. It was fun watching him moving and grooving and having so much fun.

Click on the badge above to see other kids displaying their talents.

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Hi-5 is a perfect choice mommy! Singing and dancing with our kids brings out the child in us, and it brings fun memories back.


My nephew also loves watching Hi-5 and they are good example to kids.

mine is here mommy


ang galing naman ni justin! am not familiar with the group though.. hehe! hindi na ako updated when it comes to entertainment. para na ako netong taga-bundok! LOL!


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