Friday, October 2, 2009

mommy moments

Music will always be a part of our family. My father used to play the drums during his younger years when he was still a member of a band. My mother sings; she even joined a singing contest on TV once and emerged as one of the winners. I was a member of our college choir; singing is one of my passions, too.

I used to sing to Justin while he was still inside my tummy and even after I gave birth to him. I would sing lullabies to put him to sleep. It didn’t come as a surprise, therefore, that my son is also musically inclined. He loves to sing, dance, and play toy musical instruments. Too bad, I wasn’t able to take pictures of him doing all of these things. I only have these two photos to share.

Justin playing a percussion instrument at the mall

Justin singing his heart out

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5 pensive thought/s:

well,well,well, I wouldn't be surprised anymore if one of this days Justin become one of a very few talended celebrity in the Phils, bec obviously, it's in his blood. :)
God Bless.


Nice sharing!

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it really shows! hehe.

added you here tech...good day mommy!


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