Friday, September 26, 2008

Justin is having a particularly hard time knowing when to use the Tagalog pronoun “kita” (you). He knows what “akin” (mine) and “sa iyo” (yours) mean, but not “kita.”

When he wants Mommy to carry him, he’ll say: “Mommy, carry kita” (Mommy, I’ll carry you) when what he really meant to say is “Mommy, carry me.”

2 pensive thought/s:

hehe my 3 yr old son, thiel has the same problem. he started to learn how to talk really early (less than 1 yr old) and now he speaks quite well for his age. but sometimes he still slips and says you instead of i. he's also bilingual. lately, he's been trying hard to learn tagalog by his own initiative. every time he hears a tagalog word, he wouldn't let it pass without asking what it means.


Hi, Taur!

Thanks for commenting on my post. It's really funny hearing our kids' language slips evey now and then. It's one of those things about motherhood that I enjoy the most. And congratulations for raising such a smart boy.


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