Thursday, November 12, 2009

mommy moments

Justin is not much into sports yet because he’s still too young (only 3 years old), but if there’s one sport he truly likes, that’s swimming. He doesn’t know how to swim yet, but he definitely enjoys dipping in the water. It doesn’t really matter if it’s a beach or a pool. He just loves swimming, period.

Are these pictures enough to convince you that he’s an avid fan of this sport?

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13 pensive thought/s:

My son loves the water too. Kahit saan din. Swimming is a good sport.


wow ate, ang aga natin ah hehehe.. ako wala pa bukas na lang at ang sakit ng uson ko hehehe


hi tnks for dropping by =) MM na nmn pla hays...d ko n nagagwang 7 opp p nga ko pending sa buyblog eh d ko maasikaso kc bday ni ishi tom sa skul hihhihh


Buti pa si Justine, mahilig sa tubig, si kendrick takot eh, :D He only want to play with water pero ayaw mag swim. :)


I guess most kids love swimming or dipping in the water, including ours :)
Mine's up too, have a good weekend mommy...


swimming is a runaway winner this week! :D thanks for joining us.. as always! :D


mukhang future olympic swimmer nga :)

Happy MM, here’s my entry.

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Swimming pala hilig ng Justin mo, he will be a good swimmer tetcha. thanks for sharing.


:-) i can tell, Tetcha that he really likes swimming; ganyan din si Jake, di pa marunong mag swimming, but whenever he sees swimming pool or we are on the neach, he would go and play with water :-)!


yes convincing that swimming is his fave, we should enroll them hehe! =D

thanks for the comment Tetcha=)


Ahaha!!Convince na Mommy!
Atleast bata pa lang si Justin nakitaan na agad ng hilig sa sports & that is swimming.Kailnagn na lang ng guidance galing syempre kay Mom & Dad:D
Happy weekend!


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