Friday, July 17, 2009

mommy moments

Without a doubt, playing is Justin’s favorite activity. It’s the first thing he does after having his milk in the morning or sometimes immediately after he wakes up, after his school, before he takes his afternoon nap, after napping, and before he goes to bed. If he’s too excited about a new toy, he sometimes cuddles that toy with him when he sleeps.

Justin having a grand time on the slide at the Little Martians

Playtime in school

Justin riding his toy car

Justin and his Ate Ayie busy assembling his Thomas Talk ‘N Action Magic Rail Set

Justin playing with his police car

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13 pensive thought/s:

wee, daming toys! just like my lil princess, paggising pa lang gusto na laro =)

mine's up:


wow cutie ng play area sa unang pic ah =) yeah sis tama k playtime tlga ang unang sched nilas a araw ahahahha! =) bata tlga kakatuwa! salamat sa dalaw =0


justin sure does love playing..dami niyang toys..nice..

here's mine:


Play is such a major part of a kid's life, it's nice to watch them playing. Adults also learn something from them, like patience in assembling some toys, perhaps? :-) I certainly need more of such virtue. Happy mommy moments!


You are SO right! Playing is the kids' favorite activity. Sometimes I wonder bkit di sila nagssawa? :)
Justin sure has so much playtime!!! Cute ng smile niya on the 3rd pic! :)


justin has lots of tys and loves playing with them and with friends, too! nice pix to be treasured, Tetcha :-)


i agree with the whole first paragraph. cute that he has a healthy interest with anything with wheels.


He's so cute. Kids that age really enjoy playing a lot and I miss having a toddler. Happy weekend.


Hi Mommy! Thomas should be present talaga in every toy box. Its just this summer that my son was able to experience and enjoy playtime in school.


It's fun to see kids enjoying their playing time. My son used to play with that car toy too. Have a good weekend :)


You're absolutely right Mommy Tetcha & walang kapaguran during the play time.Thnaks for the visit & dropped some line as you go Mommy Tetch!Sending my warm hugs & kisses to your Justin...Have a Blessed Sunday to you & your family!:)


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